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JUNIA (HEI, ISA, ISEN): Fire on our premises, support your school

20 September 2023 School
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As you may know, the Albert Le Grand residence underwent major renovations in order to house all JUNIA student services from September 2023.

The former family home was to initiate new uses and a reorganization
student services on the Lille Campus for the start of the 2023/2024 academic year.

Just a few days away from delivery,
on May 17, a serious fire destroyed most of the oldest building at the Université Catholique de Lille.

At the start of the new school year, this building is still unusable, and it is urgent to maintain the quality support services and living spaces initially planned for students (student reception, foyer, community spaces, new work and meeting areas).

The Maison Albert Le Grand was designed to provide a place where students at our school could grow, develop and unite.

Today, the development of these projects remains essential for the school.

That's why we're appealing to your generosity as Alumni.

Like you, and whatever the amount of your donation, help future engineers make the most of their student years.

We wish you all the best for the new school year, and thank you in advance for your generosity and support at atime when we particularly need your help.

Amaury Flotat

Chairman JUNIA

Christophe Guillerme

President JUNIA Alumni

Our goal with you:

raise €250,000

to offer our 5,000 students a new experience and deploy, among other things,

the following projects:

  • A study to rethink the Maison des Associations

  • Four association "corners" on Campus

  • A "JUNIA spot": an informal workspace

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